Fusion research started for Moir in 1962 as a graduate student at MIT and continues to date with an emphasis on power plant studies. Longstanding themes are liquid walls – especially molten salt – as a mitigation against neutron damage to the first wall and direct energy conversion of charged particles to electricity.


Selected fusion research papers and presentations

R. W. Moir, “Liquid wall chambers for HIF,” Presentation to 19th International Symposium on Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion (HIF2012), Berkeley, California, USA.

R. W. Moir, “Jets and droplets compared to a moving slab of liquid for divertor cooling for a tokamak magnetic fusion energy reactor” Vallecitos Molten
Salt Research Report No. 1, 51 pages, (2008).

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More direct conversion papers

In the early days of the magnetic mirror fusion program we spent a lot of effort on direct energy conversion. The theoretical gain of the magnetic mirror was low (Q only slightly over unity; Q =  Pfusion/Pinjection) so the role of direct energy conversion was to improve the prospects for a power plant. We developed both plasma direct convertors and ion beam direct convertors to improve the efficiency of neutral beam injectors (recovery of unneutralized beams). Askmar Direct Energy

Continuous Cryopumping

Development of continuous duty cryopumping was carried out at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Grumman Aerospace Corporation.

D.W. Sedgley, A.G. Tobin, T.H. Batzer, W.R. Call, “Development of a continuous duty cryopump.” (1986).

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